The LIAISON project turned emergent technologies, applications and services into actual business cases in order to allow key European actors to fulfil in a competitive manner the needs of workers in their daily life, for seamless and personalised location services across heterogeneous network.

Co-ordinated by Alcatel Space, this Integrated Project unites expertise and activities from major European actors committed to provide end-to-end Location Based Services, applications and solutions.

For a wide range of mobile workers communities, LIAISON provides end-to-end services which today cannot be achieved due to lack of co-ordination between available mobile and location techniques, poor performances of location techniques and lack of synergies between actors.

To achieve this target, LIAISON integrates numerous existing standards and techniques, brings a set of emerging underlying technologies to the required maturity for professional usage, enhances the system capabilities through innovations resulting from EGNOS and Galileo signals as well as the newest Telecom Techniques.

Last but not least, LIAISON exploits the synergies of the numerous and heterogeneous applications needing accurate and reliable solutions. Such an approach contributes to new business models to secure the sustainability of the services and applications. LIAISON’s objectives are user-driven: end user communities, including institutional bodies and industrial actors seeking currently unavailable reliable LBS solutions, are strongly committed through their direct integration into the consortium.

Six users communities have been mobilised during the proposal preparation phase:

  • Lone Worker
  • Waste Data Collector
  • Police
  • Taxi
  • E-Maintenance
  • Fire Brigade

Through the co-ordination of leading LBS actors and mobile worker communities, LIAISON has:

  • Consolidated the objectives for LBS in working environment and the commercial requirements
  • Defined the architecture of an end-to-end solution for LBS targeting the mobile workers in ubiquitous manner (indoor and outdoor)
  • Validated the key functions of the LIAISON solution, its performances, and working environment impacts through representative and complementary tests cases
  • Performed advanced Research & Development activities into LBS to enhance the performances of the future solutions and enable new functionality
  • Carried out standardisation and regulatory activities for effective consolidation of the LIAISON solution
  • Promoted the system via dissemination and training.

LIAISON is part of the IST 2004 Programme.