Public Administration

Today, even Public Administration entities must face the challenge of digital transformation, as foreseen by the EU NRRP (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) which promotes the digitization of PA and, in particular, the migration of services to the Cloud to foster growth, modernization and simplification. In this context, Webgenesys, is a valuable ally in supporting the transition process of public sector entities, both Central Public AdministrationLocal Public Administration.

Facilitating the digital evolution of PA with Webgenesys

Our technological solutions for Public Administration allow any public entity to increase the efficiency of the processes related to its functions, operating with greater transparency, control of operations and planning capabilities. Thanks to Webgenesys’ support, the organization may benefit from a reduction in the workload of its activities, offering citizens a higher quality service.

Webgenesys solutions for Public Administration

Tools to support Public Administration in the Digital Transition

Webgenesys is the ideal strategic partner for public entities facing their digital evolution. Through our system integration projects, public administrations can adopt systems and applications that can collaborate effectively, maintaining maximum security in data and information processing.

Here are some of the most useful solutions for Public Administration:

  • Document suite: Digitization and management of document flows allows you to manage the entire document lifecycle within the organization.
  • Regulatory compliance: GDPR compliance, implementation of administrative transparency policies, ethical training, and anti-corruption measures. Dedicated software is always updated from a regulatory perspective.
  • Proprietary CMS: Easy and timely updating of content displayed on front-end devices such as websites and apps.
  • Emergency number management and territorial alert systems: Development of open solutions that integrate with existing technological systems. Support for Civil Protection and other local institutions involved in safeguarding the population with reliable and accurate solutions. (
  • Workforce management software: Records employee working hours, automates verification operations, and contributes to improved internal resource planning.