Health Sector

Today, healthcare organizations have the opportunity to access a wide range of tools and technologies capable of profoundly innovating the experience of citizens and patients in their use of healthcare services, as well as improving the efficiency of business processes. Webgenesys possesses an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges faced by the healthcare sector and can rely on extensive experience in designing technological solutions for the industry, as shown by numerous successful references.

The importance of technological innovation for healthcare

Adopting innovative technologies to support business management allows healthcare organizations to offer a high-quality, streamlined and seamless service, as well as to improve their image thanks to stronger guarantees of security and stability of technological infrastructures. Webgenesys effectively supports healthcare organizations in this process, taking care of, for example, optimizing processes, protecting sensitive patient data and organizing modern and efficient customer care services.

Webgenesys solutions for healthcare

Innovative methods for healthcare service management

Webgenesys offers various services to companies operating in the healthcare sector. Among the most specific, it is important to mention first of all the management of unified Healthcare booking centers. We create teams to manage these centers, involving call center operators supported by artificial intelligence systems with Virtual Operators. We deal with the design and development of contact centers for the healthcare sector, coordinating all the design and operational phases according to customer centricity and revenue making logics. Vertical web and mobile solutions for booking healthcare services support qualified and virtual operators to guarantee operational continuity.

For software development, Webgenesys is the ideal partner in the healthcare sector. We can boast a wide experience in the management of digital healthcare services aimed at simplifying patient booking processes, in the creation of telemedicine platforms to enhance home care services, and in the implementation of integrated platforms for the management of web portals and mobile apps. In particular, we develop apps with indoor navigation features to facilitate orientation within hospital facilities, while providing a set of useful information to users. Digital signage can also be a really useful and immediate tool to improve the institutional communication of healthcare companies. It allows the sharing of messages and multimedia content managed through latest generation CMS and delivered via web on dedicated Smart TVs.

These solutions are flanked by all the other services that a System Integrator like Webgenesys usually provides, including: IT infrastructure management, information security, NOC & SOC, integration of software and hardware systems, and compliance management. We always support the customer with technical assistance and adequate training.