The proliferation of data, networks, and devices used for communication, both inside and outside businesses, has made cybersecurity an increasingly important issue for both public and private sectors. Webgenesys has a dedicated cybersecurity division that offers clients a range of services to protect their information systems from hacking attempts, data loss, and fraud. Our team of experts provides businesses and public administrations with cutting-edge and sophisticated procedures and solutions.

Why adopt cybersecurity services?

With a cybersecurity plan, public and private organizations may reduce the risk of cybercriminal attacks and strengthen the protection of data and information (confidential, sensitive, and classified) processed on a daily basis. Webgenesys team supports organizations of all sizes and types in protecting their entire information system by working on multiple fronts, both in terms of prevention and rapid response.



To effectively protect your organization from cyber threats, it is essential to adopt a series of security measures that include continuous network monitoring, access management, and application and infrastructure protection. Webgenesys offers customized cybersecurity solutions to prevent breaches, data loss, and fraud.

Cyber attacks that can compromise data security and the delivery of public services are becoming increasingly sophisticated and constantly evolving. The main threats currently include malware, ransomware, phishing, insider threats, DDoS attacks, impersonation, credential stuffing, and identity theft. In such a vast landscape, it is essential to rely on an industry professional, such as Webgenesys, who can anticipate future cyber threats and guarantee total security.

Webgenesys offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services to protect public administrations and businesses from cyber threats. Our dedicated in-house cybersecurity team can assess and manage risks, protect your sensitive data, help you respond quickly to incidents, monitor and manage IT security in real time, and perform Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment and Management.

To ensure complete cybersecurity for businesses, it is necessary to use various tools and technologies, such as firewalls, antivirus, intrusion detection systems, and encryption. Moreover, it is now also necessary to train human firewalls, i.e., people who are properly trained to recognize cyber attacks that exploit human weaknesses rather than those of computer systems. Webgenesys’ cybersecurity division guarantees complete protection from every point of view, both by integrating the most advanced technologies and by providing constant customer training, to keep your organization as safe as possible.