Client: (ESA) European Space Agency

The project is inserted in the frame of ESA Data User Pogram.

The overall objective of ItalSCAR WP1 is the end-to-end characterisation of Burn Scar Mapping products for operational use at regional level in Italy and the specification of criteria, methods and data required for the validation of those products and for the verification of the associated production system.

For this purpose, several activities have to be carried out:

Task 1: The establishment of requirements for regional burned area mapping derived from operational end-users, for the purpose of ensuring the full compliance of the satellite derived products with real operational needs (WP 1.1)
Task 2: The analysis, assessment and trade-off of existing and consolidated algorithms, methods and techniques for Burned Areas mapping and product quality assessment using different satellite information sources (SPOT, Landsat, ATSR) and the selection of best algorithm and quality assessment practices in relationship with the geographical area under consideration (Italy)
Task 3: The system level specification of input, output (BSM) and quality control data characteristics of the BSM generation system; the definition of methods and data for system verification and product validation
Task 4: The collection of verification and validation data
Task 5: The execution of product validation activities over a limited geographical scope within the regions of high fire risk
Task 6: The issue of standards for BSM generation systems qualification, accepted at National level and to be proposed for discussion at European level )
Task 1 requires strong connection with the end-user community and knowledge of operational problems related with the availability and use of burned area mapping information, as well as related cost/benefits ratio

Task 2 requires scientific and application development expertise needed for ensuring the optimisation of the selected processing and quality assessment models.

Tasks 3 and 6 require the integration of application development, operational and engineering expertise needed for providing scientifically sound, well documented and technically valid outcomes.

Tasks 4 and 5 require application development and service provision expertise and strong connection with the end-user community in order to provide maximum benefit from end-user co-operation for meeting validation objectives


Project developed by Mestor snc. Results and skills transferred to IES Solutions.