Innovation & Research

In the complex landscape of today, it is not always easy to create an effective proposal that allows access to benefits and funding for research, development and innovation projects. For this reason, Webgenesys supports companies, universities, and research institutions in identifying opportunities, developing innovative proposals, finding partners, writing effective proposals, and efficiently managing projects.  Over the years, our R&D team has successfully managed or participated in over 40 innovation-oriented projects, both national and European, in various sectors, from environment and citizen security to telemedicine, from cultural enhancement to technology transfer.

Webgenesys: your reliable partner for successful research projects

With the aim of being a comprehensive partner for those involved in research and innovation programs, Webgenesys is committed to developing excellent systems capable of ensuring interoperability for users, and to guiding companies and organizations in the realization of national and international projects. For years, we have been investing in the development of targeted expertise for the research and innovation sector.



Accessing national and European funding requires meeting several requirements. Firstly, the proposed project must be innovative and well-structured. Providing comprehensive and accurate technical-administrative documentation is fundamental. Moreover, it is increasingly common for companies and organizations involved to be required to have “interoperable” technological processes and tools, capable of integrating with those of other organizations. Webgenesys is ready to assist you in identifying these requirements and developing effective proposals to access these funds.

Webgenesys offers a wide range of services to support you, including: continuous scouting activity management to identify the most interesting funding opportunities; development of winning project ideas; programming activities and finding the most suitable partners; proposal drafting; and support during practical implementation phases, including drafting contracts and guidelines.