ARESIBO – first review

On January 21, 2021, the 1st Review of the ARESIBO project took place. ARESIBO is a project funded by the European Union on the topic “Technologies to enhance border and external security”. In this meeting 19 partners (divided into 11 EU countries) presented the developments made so far. In addition to the reviewers appointed by the European Commission, FRONTEX agency (actively involved in EU border surveillance missions) participated in the meeting. The reviewers and FRONTEX appreciated the effort that each of the partners has profused into the project, with particular enphasis in the live demonstration: the components of ARESIBO system were showcased in action, simulating the different phases of an active mission on the borders. IES contribution to the project is inherent in the development of the decision support module, which is part of ARESIBO augmented intelligence.

Frontex published a post on the project.